One Step Molding Solution

Results you will get:

After the analysis is complete we will provide you with the profile of the cavity that is needed to produce the necessary part. It will be supplied to you as a CAD file or as a sequence of coordinates of points.

Please remember that the result will depend on several production and measurement factors.
Be sure that:

  • Your production is operating under a stable molding process.
  • The part used for inspection is representative of the sample. A gear can be selected as the statistical mean, for example, based on the results of a roll test or other reasonable measurements.
  • All coordinate data is supplied to us in a single coordinate system, with the same origin and consistent part orientation.
  • The corrected cavity is used in the same molding machine as the measured parts.

Necessary data:

  1. The profile of the original cavity, in any CAD-readable format or as a sequence of coordinates of points lying on the profile.
  2. The ideal part profile, formatted the same way.
  3. Coordinates of points on the profile of the molded part — CMM inspection results.

Given compliance with the above requirements, we guarantee a significant increase in accuracy of the molded part.