One Step Molding Solution


This camshaft gear, containing a metal shaft, two cams, and six spokes, was produced by Thermotech Co. It was not particularly molding-friendly and could not be corrected to reach the required accuracy using traditional redundancy-based cavity correction.

As shown in the roll test chart to the left, One Step Molding Solution made it possible to go from an AGMA class Q5 to a class Q9 gear in one straight process.

This project for Kleiss Gears, Inc. demanded the compatibility of two parts - the body and lid of a gearbox - each of which is molded. Therefore, the target contour was set as the molded gearbox, and One Step Molding Solution was used only on the lid. The parts were matched up accurately in one calculation.

This is a small planetary gearbox for automation application. One Step Molding Solution was used to achieve required gear accuracy and cut off the molding tool development time.



One Step Molding Solution was first developed and successfully implemented in 2003 under the Genetic Molding Solution® (GMS) trademark.

It's been implemented successfully for clients such as Thermotech, Kleiss Gears., AKGears, and Plastic Molding Technology.


  • "Turning an Art into Science," Motion System Design, August 2005 (download as pdf)

Yuriy Shekhtman Methodology and Software Architect

  • PhD in Math and Physics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
  • 30 years of experience as a structural analyst and numerical methods specialist for the Central Institute of Aviation Motors (CIAM) in Moscow.
  • Developed proprietary software for AKGears, LLC for gear tooth stresses analysis (FEA), accounting for contact deformations, and optimizing tooth profiles.
    (see AGMA Fall Technical Meeting article - San Antonio, TX; Oct 12-14, 2008
    and Gear Technology article, Sep/Oct 2003).