One Step Molding Solution


Molders rely on experience and intuition to compensate for inaccuracies in the molding process. When true precision is crucial, that’s simply not enough.

The typical adjustment process involves going through a number of tool cavity corrections until the results are acceptable. This method can be expensive and time-consuming, and doesn’t guarantee accuracy in the end.

However, when using One Step Molding Solution you can go from initial tooling cavity directly to final tooling cavity. It is faster, cheaper, and more accurate than trial-and-error.


One Step Molding Solution is a better way to make adjustments for the plastic parts’ distortions from uneven shrinkage during the injection molding process.

We use proprietary mathematical prediction software to define a cavity profile that will yield a much higher precision part when molded under the same conditions.

One Step Molding Solution eliminates guesswork from the adjustment process, replacing it with a quantitative analysis that yields a more predictable result.